Attitude Shift - The Book

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Attitude Shift
- Sanskrit Maxims for Contemporary Life and Leadership.
by Shashikant Joshi

Former Ambassador of India to UNESCO

Type: Print Book (paperback)
ISBN: 978-81-920743-0-6 (paperback)
Genre: Leadership / Self Help / Sanskrit
Language: English (with original Sanskrit)
Pages: 176

Price: Rs 195 (India) / US $9.95 (Worldwide)

Book Function at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore. May 22, 2011
Left to right: Aditya Nath Jha (CEO, Krayon Pictures; Former Head, Global Branding & Corporate Marketing, Infosys Technologies); Shashikant Joshi (Author); Chiranjiv Singh (Former Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka; Former Ambassador of India to UNESCO); N Ramanuja (Chairman, BVB, Karnataka); Jayesh Chakravarthi (SVP & Country Head – IT, Fidelity India)


The books is out of print and only available as Kindle ebook.
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In India, the book is available in following stores - Sapna Book House, Strands Bookstall (Infosys and Wipro offices included), JustBooks, IIM-B campus books store, PegeTurners, Nagasri Book (Jayanagar).
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"In a world swarming with self-help literature, Attitude Shift breaks the convention of putting old wine in new bottles. Shashikant Joshi redefines Sanskrit maxims to examine contemporary lifestyle. A handbook for human resource executives and those eager to enrich their knowledge."
~ Hindustan Times, April 2, 2011

Practical. Pragmatic. Inspirational.
~ Sandipan Deb, Senior Journalist, Former Managing Editor, Outlook

"The book's greatest speciality is that it is not just a literary or intellectual 'crying-in-the-forest' (futile) exercise. The soul of the maxims have been expressed with such expertise, that one can clearly hear the heartbeat of modern contexts. There are marvelous, guiding principles, tips and directions hidden in these time-tested, simple, pithy sayings that they give new energy to life and management."
~ Seema Sandesh, May 5, 2011 


Shashikant Joshi obtained his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, India and his Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Minnesota, USA. As an independent consulting ‘Solution Provider’, he helped many large US clients with IT solutions. All along, he actively pursued his creative side as well – an audio CD on Hitopadésh; a screenplay for theater production in Denver; a monthly cultural magazine in Cleveland; a lively, refined internet community at blog and Facebook page 'PracticalSanskrit' (Join these today!)

He has addressed students, professionals, managers and executives at Cleveland State University, Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association USA; IIM-Bangalore, Yahoo!, Fidelity Investments, LSI in India on Indian culture, heritage, Sanskrit wisdom, corporate culture and leadership.

His current interests lie (among other things) in helping people through life, leadership and relationship wisdom for a fuller life based on the thoughtful and holistic wisdom scattered all over Sanskrit literature. He communicates with a clear mind, a pure heart and an infectious passion. He is working on many more such projects of ancient wisdom for modern times.

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Shashikant Joshi

Karze ke Thaath (Pomp of Credit) - Hindi political satiricale in Kundaliya verse

कर्ज़े के ठाठ
by Ramesh Joshi / रमेश जोशी

Author of कर्ज़े के ठाठ (Karze ke Thaath), रामधुन (Ramdhun), रास्ते में अटकी उपलब्धियां (Raaste Mein Ataki Uplabdhiyaan), माई लेटर्स टु जार्ज बुश (My Letters To George Bush), बेगाने मौसम (Begane Mausam), पिता (Musings of a Father)

Type: E-book (Kindle)
Genre: Hindi / Poem
Language: Hindi (with English translation)

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About the Author - Ramesh Joshi

रमेश  जोशी
1942 को चिड़ावा (झुंझुनू-राजस्थान) में जन्म । राजस्थान विश्वविद्यालय के हिन्दी में एम.ए. और भोपाल विश्वविद्यालय से बी.एड.; पोरबंदर से पोर्ट ब्लेयर तक देश के विभिन्न विद्यालयों में हिन्दी शिक्षण । सन 2002 में केंद्रीय विद्यालय नं. 3, जयपुर से उप-प्राचार्य के पद से सेवानिवृत्त । सन 1958 से देश के स्तरीय समाचार पत्रों और पत्रिकाओं में व्यंग्य रचनाएँ प्रकाशित । आकाशवाणी राजकोट, जयपुर, पोर्टब्लेयर, दिल्ली से व्यंग्य रचनाएँ प्रसारित । दिल्ली, पोर्टब्लेयर,सीकर, बेंगलुरु की कई संस्थाओं द्वारा सम्मानित ।

प्रकाशित कृतियाँ- कर्जे के ठाठ (व्यंग्य कुंडलिया संग्रह, 1996), रामधुन (व्यंग्य कुंडलिया संग्रह, 1998), रास्ते में अटकी उपलब्धियाँ (व्यंग्य निबंध संग्रह, 2009). पिता (किंडल 2011), माई लेटर्स टु जार्ज बुश (व्यंग्य लेख 2011), बेगाने मौसम (गज़ल/गीतिकाएँ 2011) । तीन अन्य संकलन प्रकाशनाधीन ।

कर्जे के ठाठ, रामधुन (व्यंग्य कुंडलिया संग्रह )
‘कुंडलिया छंद में अपने समय की सभी विडंबनाओं पर मारक व्यंग्य करती साहसी रचनाएँ’ – कादम्बिनी

रास्ते में अटकी उपलब्धियाँ ( व्यंग्य निबंध )
‘व्यंग्यकार की सूक्ष्म और तीक्ष्ण दृष्टि से कोई भी छोटी-बड़ी घटना में निहित विडंबना बच नहीं पाती है ...जोशी का रचना संसार समुद्र की तरह है जो कभी घटने वाला नहीं है...जोशी का लेखन भयावह चित्र कथाओं वाला एक दर्पण है....सत्ता-संस्कृति का बहिष्कार करने वाले जोशी की यह पुस्तक हमें तनाव देने के साथ-साथ गुदगुदाने में भी समर्थ है’ – इण्डिया टुडे

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